Monthly ReAlignment

An Expansive Masterclass To Uplevel Your Life

Introducing this month...

  Are you tired of overwhelm and want to feel calm, resilient and content with your life?

  Do you want to move through the difficult stories of your past without having to constantly repeat them?

  Do you want to feel confident in your own skin and have absolute self-belief and self-worth to hold all that you desire?

It Is Through Love That You Can Transform And Alchemise


Holding Onto The Negative Energy In Your Body:

  • Makes you give up, procrastinate, quieten your voice, think you are not good enough or worthy enough.

  • Depletes you of your energy, lowers your mood, makes you feel anxious and weakens your immune system.

  • Holds you back in your business and life, stops you from being able to make good choices and can destroy marriages and break families apart.

In this 90min Masterclass you will:

If you’re feeling disconnected, unsure of what you want out of life, frustrated with your current situation, tired of your triggers or or fearful of moving forward, this is a perfect place for you to begin your healing journey.

  • Explore the power of compassion and its role in self-empowerment

  • Tap into the power of the heart to let go of fear, shame, guilt, anger and grief to feel lighter and calmer in your body

  • Reframe your triggers, repetitive negative patterns and thoughts so you can release self-sabotage with ease

  • Go beyond the mind and learn how to align with your highest self to experience the truth of your potential

  • Experience LIVE compassion activation practices and energy clearing

  • Become a magnetic beacon of light who attracts & creates the most divine life!

  • The value of the content you will receive during this Masterclass, and be able to implement immediately into your life is over £500!

When you are able to connect to your body

and become aware of your thoughts an awakening happens.

Create unshakeable self-belief, resilience and calm...

Even when life feels challenging.

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You Can Attend This Masterclass In Two Ways:


Option One

£97 This Masterclass plus Recording

Just click the bottom below to register for this masterclass. Once your register you will be sent all the details to prepare and attend. You will receive a access to the recording 24-48 hours after.

Option Two

BONUS with Grow Beautifully Membership Annual Subscription

When you join 'Grow Beautifully Membership' with annual subscription you get this Masterclass plus access to all the masterclasses throughout the year, monthly group energy clearings and sacred nutritional plans. Also includes discounts/savings/bonuses on programmes, privates sessions etc. This is a special Spiritual Membership for ambitious and soul-centred women who need energetic realignment & upgrades to master their life.

Your Guides In This Masterclass

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

Joanna Choncer is a Visibility Coach, Silent Counselling® Trainer and an Advanced Theta Healer. She helps soul-led entrepreneurs get audaciously visible and known as the expert in their field. ‘What I really want people to know is that we all have unlimited potential, but so many of us are not fulfilling it because we continuously suppress who we are, our potential, our confidence & true purpose, which eventually inhibits what we are truly capable of and the person we are here to become. The key to success is giving yourself the gift of freedom to be yourself & express yourself in every way, instead of suppressing all that you are.

Lorna MacPhail

I am wellness educator, transformation and embodiment coach and breathwork facilitator. My true purpose and gifts lie in helping you, see and live into your fullest potential. I'll help you shift your reality so that you can fully embody who you are and live the life you want to live. My mission is to empower you to feel you have space and the capacity to make the changes you want to see in the world. As individuals and as a collective, we can be a force for change. And what ripples out expands....

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Is The Masterclass Taking Place?

    The Masterclass is taking place on the 18th August 2021 at 6.30pm UK time, 1.30pm EST. Once you are registered for the Masterclass the Zoom link will be emailed to you and accessible via Thinkific platform.

  • How Long Will I Have The Access To The Masterclass For?

    How does lifetime access sound for you?! Once you register for the Masterclass you will have an instant access to the Introduction to Compassion Practice with Lorna MacPhail training and the Masterclass recording you will be available for replay 24-48 hours after the Masterclass.

  • I Am New to Compassion Practice, Will This Work For Me?

    Absolutely! Compassion Practice is suitable at every level and you will feel the benefits of it straight away. The more often you practice it from then on, the easier your life will become.

  • What Is The Refund Policy?

    There are no refunds, and once you register for the masterclass the content is yours.

  • I Have Another Question…

    No problem. Just email me at and I will answer it for you.

Are You Ready To Feel Empowered

And Step Into the Life You Want To Live?