10+ hours of embodied personal and business training on amplifying your authentic expression to help you

move from self-doubt & hiding to courageously claiming your space in the world & flourishing into your full potential.

The Visibility Accelerator Will Help You:

  • Step fully into your Genius and get over your 'not enoughness' for good.

  • Amplify your power and potential, so that you create dream income feeling confident & grounded.

  • Activate unshakable belief & conviction in yourself & what you do, that draws clients to you.

  • Feel anchored & grounded in your body sharing your authentic voice & magic.

  • Feel safe being fully visible consistently reaching wider audience & making an impact that lights you up.

Training Curriculum

8 Powerful trainings filled with powerful inner work tools that will guide and support you in owning your magnificent self.

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  • 2

    Welcome to The Visibility Accelerator

    • Welcome to The Visibility Accelerator Audio

  • 3

    How to turn FEAR into CONFIDENCE & increase your visibility online🔥

    • How to turn FEAR into CONFIDENCE & increase your visibility online🔥

  • 4

    Nervous System Regulation For Cash Generation

    • How To Move From Fear Into Courage Fast

    • How To Reduce Anxiety + Self-Doubt & Increase Your Confidence

    • Reconnect With Your True Identity - Energy Clearing

  • 5

    Overcoming Self-Sabotage & Creating Tidal Wave of Impact

    • The Fastest Way To Overcome Self-Sabotage

  • 6

    Why Mindset Work Is NOT Enough To Succeed

    • What TRULY moves the needle in your business

  • 7

    Smack Procrastination and Imposter Syndrome in the face

    • Overcoming Procrastination and Imposter Syndrome

  • 8

    Becoming More Authentic and Magnetic

    • What Truly Magnetizes Clients To You

  • 9

    Sacred Money - Your Capacity Is Your Receptivity

    • Increasing Your Capacity To Receive More

Your Guide

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

I believe it’s our most basic birthright to feel safe and confident to be who we are without fear, shame or judgement. I want to see more women around the world make their mark and flourish to their full potential by having the self belief to claim and share their natural gifts and talents, the courage to fully express their authentic selves and and the confidence to show up powerfully in the areas of their life.


“‘WITHIN 7 DAYS I'VE FILLED MY ENTIRE MONTH WITH CLIENTS READY TO WORK WITH ME!’ For years fear and anxiety didn't allow me to share my passion with confidence. Since working with Joanna, I've been live on Facebook every day and within 7 days I've filled my entire month with clients ready to work with me! ”

Melissa Holt - Fibromyalgia Coach

“I've suffered with imposter syndrome and fear of success for a while before meeting Joanna that stopped me from taking action. Just half a day later and I have already had conversations where I felt confident talking about my work. I feel supported, more connected to my body and an inner trust that I have what I need.”

Debbie Lee - Personalized Success Coach

“I booked 22 new clients in the last 2 weeks, and next month is now FULLY booked! For the first time in a long time I am in a perfect alignment with my offer, and clients can feel my energy through my videos. ”

Shonna Compton Storz - Director at Life in Balance Fitness & Wellness Studio

“This program has enabled me to recognize the depth of my self-sabotage. I have learned to love and appreciate myself more. For a long time I've had a fear of speaking out when in disagreement with others. This has now reduced greatly thanks to this course. ”

Ayfer A-Bishop