If you’ve been neglecting your health, in your service to career and family...

… you’re not alone.

Purpose-led, heart-centred women like yourself give their all to those around them. 

You’re driven to achieve, and over time your body starts protesting.

The financial freedom and purpose-aligned business you’ve worked so hard to achieve seems frustratingly out of reach – your health is stopping you from getting there.

It's Your Time Now To...

  • Listen to your body.

  • Finally understand the deep messages it’s sending you.

  • It’s time for the whole you to get the attention she craves.

Abundant health, wellbeing and vitality is your birthright.

In This Training You Will:


    the real reason why you are struggling with poor health and self-image.

  • RELEASE...

    the 3 Key Mindset Blocks that lead to bad eating habits, procrastination, and self-sabotage.


    how the right Energetic Alignment can help you achieve ultimate health, self-love and body confidence.



Surrender Into Sacred Health will show you how to create optimal health and access the power of the Universe to begin attracting what you desire.

In this training we’ll spend a little bit of time intentionally attracting into your experience good health, vitality, prosperity, and positive interactions with others—all the things that make up your vision of what the perfect life experience for you would be.

Here's what is included...

Releasing The Fear Of Letting Go & Getting The Clarity On What You Want

Day 1

Learn about getting clear on your goals and clearing the blocks and fears that keep you away from achieving those goals.

Releasing Resistance & Increasing Flow

Day 2

Learn how to overcome resistance when you decide to make changes to your old life and allow flow of health, wealth and abundance in all shape and form to come with ease and grace.

Increasing Your Self-Worth

Day 3

Busting the myths of the concept the less you have, the more spiritual you get to become. Allow yourself to have and be more, so you can uplift and raise others!

Surrendering Into Optimal Health Now

Day 4

Learn how to embody optimal health and feel vibrant, energetic, with smooth digestion, glowing skin, balanced appetite, balanced hormones, happy, fulfilled, proud and more NOW.

Manifest Your Healing & Elevate Your Life

Day 5

Taking that big juicy GOAL of yours and manifesting it with a lightning speed.


“What surprised me the most was how what I eat affects my mood and energy levels and how much my emotions play a role and healing the relationship with food and myself that made all the difference.”

Kamilla Strzylak

“This is an amazing opportunity! I have learnt about myself so much during your clearing sessions Joanna.”

Candice Wilson

“What a beautiful clearing and downloads. What stood out to me was the need to start cherishing myself and every bite that I eat. Loved feeling all the systems balancing too.”

Sylwia Wachala

“I just feel it's like jigsaw pieces that are starting to come together. I think a couple have been missing and last night I had so many ideas and thoughts. I've gone into active phase again.”

Donna Edmiston

“I'm loving it Joanna. I was probably one of the sceptics, not "getting" all of this "energy" malarkey but I'm really enjoying it, I'm finding it very interesting & looking forward to what's coming in the next few days, thank you...”

Wendy Robison

Total Value: £900+

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Save £650+

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And There Are Bonuses...

These three powerful guided, relaxing meditations will help you quickly enter a deep theta state as you reprogram and release your self-limiting beliefs about health and start tapping into your body’s own ability to heal and repair itself. Valued at £97.

  • Self-Love & Inner Power Meditation

    If YOU want to claim your health and life back, self-love MUST become the cornerstone of your focus and life. When we heal the body, and heal the mind, and give ourselves permission to own our true power and authenticity, that is when you can start to flourish as a woman – personally, in business, in life.

  • Surrender Into Optimal Health Now

    Your body already knows what it feels like to be healthy and powerful. All you need to do is to release the blocks and beliefs that being completely healthy, strong, and powerful is impossible or even dangerous. Healing does not need to take a long time. learn how to surrender into it now.

  • Elevate Your Life & Manifest Your Healing

    Start releasing the major abundance blocks to fully stepping into your best possible version. It’s time to release the scarcity mentality into abundance by accessing divine guidance. It’s time to raise the bar of what you set yourself available for and start receiving it with ease, grace and flow.

And There's More Goodness

  • 3 LIVE Energy Clearings

    Valued at £297

    Join this powerful group energy clearing to help you release self-doubt & self-judgement and increase your self-worth, speed up your healing process and help you manifest thriving health & life fast!

  • Bulletproof Gut Recipe Pack

    Valued at £27

    Rapidly improve your entire digestive system with this gut-friendly recipe plan to ensure you are the healthiest you have ever been.

"It’s time to love yourself fully, make self-care your number one priority.

So that you can rise to your greatness and full potential."

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Your Guide

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

Joanna Choncer is a Visibility Coach, Silent Counselling® Trainer and an Advanced Theta Healer. She empowers high achieving holistic coaches and healers to elevate their vibration and amplify their attraction factor so they can Intuitively build and scale an aligned and profitable brand that stands out and creates deep impact.


“Replay: wow! Thanks Joanna, there was so much insight in this live. I've filled in my workbook and it has really struck me how many "false beliefs" I have around what would happen if I achieved my goal, they just kept coming. It's good to finally reach them. Looking forward to the next few days with everyone and moving forward and releasing what is no longer serving me.”

Josie Krumov

“OMG! This resonates so much, I have always been focusing on the loss of weight NOT the gain of confidence! Powerful!”

Vanya Pisinska

“Feeling so many shifts, knee pain from the recent surgery is gone! This also helped me clear my fear and anxiety and replace it with so much excitement. Everything you're sharing is bringing it all home for me xx”

Barbara Young

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It’s Time To Begin A New Healthy Chapter In Your Life.