Do you constantly compare yourself to others and their success?

Do you feel unworthy of having an optimal health, success, and abundance?

Does loving and accepting yourself come with ease or is it a constant journey filled with self-doubt, self-hate and self-judgement?

It’s Time To Become Happy With Being Yourself.



12 Days to Accelerate Your Self-Love & Self-Worth To Up Level Your Life

Self-Love Accelerator gives you all the tools you need to increase your self-love and release your self-limiting beliefs, habits, and fears, so that you can find can finally live a life that truly shines.

Join me over 12 sessions where I help you recognise and appreciate your true worth so you can become confident and secure with yourself and worthy of attracting and having all the love, abundance that is your birthright.

This Course Is For You If You Are Ready To:

  • Increase your SELF-LOVE, confidence & live a life of your dreams

  • Release emotional challenges like stress, anxiety & depression

  • Live with happiness, peace of mind and complete wellness of body, mind & soul

  • Release the struggle, toxic people & diseases from your life

  • Become a magnetic beacon of light who attracts & creates the most divine life!

When You Care For Yourself, You Care For The World.

In This Powerful Program You Will Discover:

12 powerful sessions filled with mindset techniques, energy clearing and self mastery tools, that will guide and support you in owning your magnificent self.

Becoming Conscious of Your Thoughts

Lesson One

How everything you will ever need to increase your SELF-LOVE, confidence & live a life of your dreams lies between your temples.

Becoming More Mindful

Lesson Two

Mindset shifts you must know & apply to supercharge your confidence & magnetism.

Your Alignment Foods

Lesson Three

How healing your relationship with food can help you end your toxic yo-yo cycle for good and have freedom around food again.

Tuning Into & Mastering Your Cravings

Lesson Four

Learn to understand what your food cravings really mean, how to overcome them and how to eat more

Recognising Your Subconscious Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Lesson Five

How releasing low frequencies that keep you anxious and stressed and doubtful can instantly bring high vibes that will activate limitless confidence and increase your visibility fast.

Give Yourself Permission To Be Selfish

Lesson Six

How developing a strong sense of self and clear boundaries are necessary for more significant internal changes to follow.

Connecting With Your Inner Wisdom

Lesson Seven

How tuning into your body’s inner wisdom can help you unlock vibrant energy and full control of your health, even when Doctors have given up on you.

Take Responsibility For Where You Are

Lesson Eight

Learning about the ability to respond instead of reacting emotionally to everything that happens to you and what you made yourself available for.

Commit To Yourself & Resources Will Appear

Lesson Nine

Start utilising the energy of your soul and your true desires, with an unbreakable belief that the rest works out for your best and highest.

Trust Your Gut Feeling & The Magic Will Happen

Lesson Ten

How increasing your intuitive connection with yourself & the Divine Energy can directly improve your health & your wealth.

Setting Your Availability Bar

Lesson Eleven

You don’t get in life what you want, you get what you make yourself available for. Learn how to raise your availability bar.

You Are A Magnet For Miracles

Lesson Twelve

How tuning into your most powerful Heart Space can literally magnetise your dream life to you.

Here's What You'll Receive...

  • 12 Self-Study Classes - Valued at £888

  • Deep Meditation & Energy Clearing - Valued at £27

  • 6 Sacred Journaling Exercises - Valued at £97

  • 3 E-books - Valued at £97

  • and so much more to help you with your growth & expansion!!

Total Value £1165+

Save £1054

And There Are Bonuses...

  • Self-Love Activation Journal

    Valued at £27

    Deepen your self-love and self-worth even more with this journal, packed with journaling questions and activations.

  • Introduction to Intuitive Eating

    Valued at £27

    Learn how to make peace with food, and turn food into nourishment not punishment.

  • Sacred Smoothie Recipe Pack


    Smoothie Recipe Pack with 30 delicious and healthy recipes to help you glow from the inside out.

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“I absolutely love this course! Thanks to Joanna’s teachings I am now so much more aware of what self-love really is, and how I can finally love and accept myself more. She’s broken the whole process into super easy to follow videos and exercises and within 12 days from getting started I felt empowered, in control and fully at ease with myself. Highly recommend it!”

Josie Malone

“Joanna's 12 Days of Raising Your Self-Love Programme has enabled me to recognise the depth of my self-sabotage. I am more self-aware of my negative thoughts now and have learned to love and appreciate myself more. I am more curious about why things are happening in my life, how I can be the driver of my life by getting in touch with my intuition more. ”

Ayfer A-Bishop

Your Guide

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

Joanna Choncer is a Visibility Coach, Silent Counselling® Trainer and an Advanced Theta Healer. She empowers high achieving holistic coaches and healers to elevate their vibration and amplify their attraction factor so they can Intuitively build and scale an aligned and profitable brand that stands out and creates deep impact.

Embrace The 12 Days Journey

Self-love, Self-respect, Self-worth: There’s A Reason They All Start With ‘Self.’ You Can’t Find Them In Anyone Else.

Are You Ready To Ignite That Magic From Within?

Without sacrificing your health or personal life.

My mission is to empower women like you to reach ultimate health and full potential through mastering the laws of the Universe and tapping into the infinite magic that lies within you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Time Does It Take To Complete This Course?

    This is completely up to you. The program contains just over 3+ hours of content and some women love it so much they watch it all in one go. Others like to dip in and out of the material when they have the time. You have lifetime access so you can access the content at any time. There may be times when you can spend a whole day exploring your self-love. Other times you may only have 15 minutes to do a meditation. This is your journey, so honour your flow.

  • What Happens If Nothing Changes?

    I guarantee that all the exercises work if you are willing to do them. I have designed this course to open and realign your mind step by step. You will be guided every step of the way to reach your magical self-love and potential. All you need to do is be open to trying.

  • I Have Another Question…

    No problem. Just email me at [email protected] and I will answer it for you.

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