Here Is Why It Is Great...

This Meditation Will Help You...

  • Increase your intuition so you can become the driver of your life.

  • Remove subconscious fears and self-sabotage stopping you from achieving your optimal health and full potential.

  • Create 10 new empowering beliefs to instantly shift your energy and amplify your confidence, so you can start magnetising your dream life.

  • Prioritise the Whole You and allow yourself to shine making a meaningful impact and income being an authentic YOU!

This Is How This Meditation Has Helped Women So Far

“The GOOD GUT FEELING MEDITATION is just beyond anything I've listened to before! Within days my discomfort and bloating reduced and I found myself more centred and less anxious. I also received an amazing clarity and guidance on what next best step in my business is, which I followed it with full trust and it so paid off! It's unbelievable what a 10-minute daily meditation practice can do!”

Danielle Louise

“I've struggled with not being able to connect to my intuition for years and when I need guidance, this is my to go meditation. I always feel empowered with a deep sense of clarity for the rest of the day. ”

Kasia Pietrzak

Your Guide

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

Joanna Choncer is a Visibility Coach, Silent Counselling® Trainer and an Advanced Theta Healer. She empowers high achieving holistic coaches and healers to elevate their vibration and amplify their attraction factor so they can Intuitively build and scale an aligned and profitable brand that stands out and creates deep impact.