This Workshop is for you if you:

  • Wish to learn how to drive ongoing free traffic to your offers & get more leads without spending a penny on expensive FB ads or posting online 24/7.

  • Desire to get more visible, but aren't feeling 100% confident yet to put yourself out there, and you know you have something valuable to share with your ideal clients.

  • Want to grow your online authority and help yourself be found by your potential clients without needing to have your own website.

During This Workshop

you will learn how to:

  • Drive Free Traffic & Leads

    to your offers, without spending thousands on expensive Facebook ads.

  • Grow Your Authority & Expertise Online

    through higher ranking on Google, which helps you get found without needing to be seen on social media platforms.

  • Monetize On Your Social Media Channels

    so that you can create passive income and grow your audience, even if you don't have your own website.

Your host, Joanna Choncer has teamed up with Online Business Expert, Ren Robertz to share simple, yet extremely powerful ways, you can use a blog to gain more visibility online, as in ranking high on page 1 of Google! This training also offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Joanna‘s website as we improve her blog in real time, so you can see how easily it is to do the same thing too. The best part is that the work you do now blogging pays off significantly for years to come!

What Clients Are Saying...

“ After working with Ren, 75% of all tasks were outsourced to an online VA, turning this into more of a passive income stream for me! The business went from thousands of jumbled emails in three business inboxes, and no bookkeeping data, to smoothly processing all the online orders. Last month only 7 VA hours were needed to run it all!!”

Tracy Cheney, California

“Technology has been a huge learning curve for me! After working with Ren, I understand blogging, all of these platforms and many others. I've learned it's simple, free (or low cost), management and fun. It has opened a whole a new world to me that's not intimidating, costs money, or time crunchy. ”

Sandy Skaar, New Mexico

“Ren has an amazing way of taking what seems so complicated and making it simple to dive into your business, help you grow your audience and share your wisdom on platforms you wouldn't previously consider.”

Michelle DeKeyser, Wisconsin

Your Guide

Ren Robertz

Transformative Business Coach

Ren Robertz is a CEO and the founder of the "Financial Freedom & Joy!" (FFJ) program, and teaches entrepreneurs how to feel more confident, utilize technology to gain more freedom & grow their own passive income streams. She’s been building business since she was 19 and grew her first business to over $500,000 in annual sales within 3 years and it remains an industry leader in Los Angeles. She helps entrepreneurs grow their companies, income and their peace of mind.

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

Joanna Choncer is a Visibility Coach, Silent Counselling® Trainer and an Advanced Theta Healer. She empowers high achieving holistic coaches and healers to elevate their vibration and amplify their attraction factor so they can Intuitively build and scale an aligned and profitable brand that stands out and creates deep impact.

Ready to Boost Your Visibility With Blogging

That Brings In More Leads, Sales & Builds Brand Longevity For Life?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this training LIVE or pre-recorded?

    This is a recording of a Masterclass training, which took place on the 5th of July 2023.

  • Will this work for my specific niche or business?

    Yes! This training works for all businesses and brands including product & service based businesses. These are simple and powerful strategies most people can do and we are going to be walking you through creating something just right for you.

  • How long is the training?

    The training is 90 mins long.

  • Do I have lifetime access to this training?

    Yes you do! Even if the price increases in the future.

  • Are there refunds, if I change my mind?

    Once you purchase the training, it is yours. Therefore there are no refunds available.

  • Is there additional support I can receive after the training?

    Yes! You can contact either Ren Robertz at or myself via Facebook, or simply drop us an email at