Elevate Your Visibility, Growth & Expansion

A Spiritual Membership for an ambitious & soul-centered woman who needs emotional, mental & energetic optimization to master her business & life.

In This Membership You Will Learn:


  • Powerfully show up in the online & offline world & grow your audience.

  • Confidently share your offers with aligned copy & increase your sales.

  • Effortlessly expand your mission & impact with your unique gifts, wisdom & purpose.

Introducing The Visibility Vortex Membership

This is a holistic space where every single month you can amplify your confidence, courage & conviction to fully express your authentic self and show up powerfully in all areas of your life.

What's included?

In this monthly membership you have access to my magic, knowledge, frequency, and visibility strategies to expand yours.


    2 x LIVE Coaching & Energy Clearing sessions to help you with holding the high-vibe frequency required for energetic mastery and connection to your inner power & your audience at all times.


    Each month focuses on a specific theme to call in more confidence, money and power, so that you consistently show up in your business with conviction, be seen as an authority and magnetically attract your clients with ease.


    Merging business expansion strategies with channeled energetic alignment that is unique to YOU. You'll learn how to activate your own INNER GUIDE for effortless copy writing, sales strategies and lead generation.


    Access to an exclusive Mon-Fri private Voxer Group with continuous support from sisters who see you, love you, and are on the same journey as you.


    Exclusive access to Early Bird discounts with online courses, group programs and 1:1 private sessions. Ability to promote your services weekly in my private FB group.

What members are saying...

Five Pillars Of Visibility Vortex Membership:

Everything You Need To Amplify Your Power, Potential & Prosperity


Emotional Mastery Blueprint

Release emotional patterns you’re addicted to, body shame, trauma and heal childhood wounds and deepen the connection with your body through my signature High Vibe Visibility Code.


Mindful Reframing

Uncover & transform your limiting beliefs, stories and patterns that are sabotaging your health, visibility, and success. Learn how to address resistance and activate bravery & courage to feel at peace with yourself.


Conscious Life Creation & Acceleration

Clear and resolve deeply stuck energies, blocks and switch on all of the self-regulating mechanisms in the body for an unstoppable ease and flow.


Reconnection with The Source

Strengthen your connection with the Source to co-create miracles in your life, with a conscious intention and learn how to access higher planes of support and guidance.


Sacred Nutrition

Nurture and honour your beautiful temple with your alignment foods and fall in love with seeing food as nourishment not punishment. Release the body-hate programs from your cells, draining patterns and experiences of sickness and struggle, running on reserves and finally feel comfortable and safe in your body.

Let's Do It Collectively

It's YOU and ME Every Month

A Look At What's Inside The Membership:

  • 1

    START HERE: Welcome & all the juice!

    • Welcome to the Visibility Vortex Membership!

  • 2

    <<2023 Membership Call Schedule + Zoom Link>>

    • Call Schedule + Zoom Link

  • 3

    Join Our Voxer Group Link

    • Visibility Voxer Group Link

  • 4

    Terms & Conditions

    • Terms & Conditions of the Visibility Vortex Membership

  • 5

    August 2021 - Confidence Code

    • Divine Confidence Activation Call Recording

    • Divine Confidence & Magnetism Activation Audio

    • Sacred Nutrition Recipe Packs

    • ReAlign Grounding Meditation

    • Self-Doubt Clearing Sequence

    • BONUS #1 - How To Trust Your Gut Feeling More

    • BONUS #2 - How To Overcome Fear Of Change

  • 6

    September 2021 - Sacred Money Code

    • Sacred Money Code Call Recording

    • Emotional Story Release Practice

    • Sacred Nutrition Recipe Packs

    • Connecting To Your Inner Power Activation Audio

    • 4 Core Principles Of Sacred Wealth + Health

    • BONUS - How to Form Healthy Habits - Stages of Change

    • BONUS - My favourite Wealth Consciousness Books

  • 7

    October 2021 - Life Purpose Code

    • Sacred Nutrition Recipe Packs

    • Vegan Protein Sources

    • Clarify and Amplify Your Purpose Activation Call

    • Connect To Your Wise Self Guided Meditation

    • Finding Your Purpose Exercise

    • Identifying Your Energetic Minimum

  • 8

    November 2021 - Overcoming Procrastination & Imposter Syndrome

    • Sacred Nutrition Recipe Packs

    • Overcoming Procrastination Guided Meditation

    • Overcoming Procrastination and Imposter Syndrome Coaching Call

  • 9

    December 2021 - Making Peace with Fear

    • Shifting Fear Into Safety & Expansion LIVE Call

    • Embodying Safety Meditation

    • Sacred Nutrition Recipe Packs

    • How To Crush Cravings & Feel Happier - BONUS



  • 10

    January 2022 - Energy Alignment Code


    • Emotional Release Points

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

  • 11

    February 2022 - Releasing Judgement Code

    • Sacred Nutrition Plant Based Recipe Pack

    • Sacred Nutrition Traditional Recipe Pack

    • Releasing Self-Judgement Activation Call

  • 12

    March 2022 - Your Identity Activation Code

    • Reconnect To Your True Identity Energy Clearing

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • Your Identity Is Your Destiny Coaching Call

  • 13

    April 2022 - Releasing The Limiting Story

    • Releasing The Limiting Story Activation Call

    • Manifest Your Future Self Meditation

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

  • 14

    May 2022 - Activating Visibility Code

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • Healing your relationship with money

    • Visibility Activation Coaching Call

  • 15

    June 2022 - Activating Your Magnetic Expression

    • Activating Your Magnetic Expression Coaching Call

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • Quantum Field Expansion Practice Audio

    • Quantum Field Connection Practice (NO MUSIC)

    • BONUSES - Sacred Health Accelerator

  • 16

    July 2022 - Soul Alignment Code

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • Activating Your Soul Alignment Code - Journalling Questions

    • Activating Your Soul Alignment Code Coaching Call

    • Channelled Breathing Exercise

  • 17

    August 2022 - Nourish Yourself to Flourish Code

    • Nourish to Flourish Coaching Call

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • 21 Days Sacred Prayer Challenge

  • 18

    September 2022 - Aligning Back To Your True Worthiness Code

    • Sacred Recipe Packs

    • Aligning Back To Your True Worthiness Code Coaching Call

    • Align To Your True Abundance Energy Clearing Activation

  • 19

    October 2022 - Gratitude Codes

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • 7 Day Gratitude Challenge To Skyrocket Your Goals

    • Gratitude Activation Coaching Call

  • 20

    December 2022 - Highest Potential Activation

    • Sacred Nutrition Packs

    • Unleashing Your Full Potential Code Call

    • Unleashing Your Potential Code Alignment Practice

  • 21

    January 2023 - Letting Your Energy Lead The Way

    • Letting Your Energy Lead The Way

    • Money Magnetism Activation

  • 22

    February 2023 - Building a Soul-Driven Client Connection

    • 8 Essential Factors for Soul-Driven Client Content Creation

    • Client Connection Portal - Energy Clearing

    • Client Connection Portal - Energy Clearing Audio Version

  • 23

    March 2023 - Soulful Sales & Wealth Activation

    • Activating Soulful Sales Process Call

    • Exercise 1 - Connecting To The Energy Of Your Offer

    • Sales Exercise 2 - Rewriting Your Sales Story Part 1

    • Sales Exercise - Rewriting Your Sales Story Part 2

    • Soulful Sales Alignment & Energy Clearing

  • 24

    April 2023 - Soulful Business Boundaries

    • Soulful Business Boundaries

    • Setting Soulful Boundaries Energy Clearing & Recalibration Call

    • Soulful Boundaries Energy Clearing with Marta Szczepanik

  • 25

    May 2023 - Channeling Infinite Business Intuition

    • Channeling Business Intuition

    • Amplifying Your Intuition Spell + Energy Clearing

    • The Good Gut Feeling Meditation

    • 18-Days Of Channeling Your Business Intuition Experience

Are You Ready To Ignite That Magic From Within?

Investment Options

This membership is month to month, meaning you can cancel anytime. No obligation.

£222+ Bonus For Annual Subscription

When you pay in full you also get:

  • Two Free Months of Membership

    Save £222

    You get two extra months of membership for FREE.

  • Gift Voucher

    £50 Value

    £50 gift voucher to spend in my online shop* Voucher excludes The Body Beautiful and Nourish To Flourish Programmes.

Upcoming Call Dates for 2023:

The 1st call of every month is approx. 1-1.5hr THEME COACHING CALL. The 2nd call of every month is approx. 45-60 mins DEEP ENERGY CLEARING & REALIGNMENT. @ 6pm BST, 1pm EST

  • April 2023

    Soulful Boundaries In Your Business

    April 12th & 26th

  • May 2023

    Strengthen Your Business Intuition

    May 10th & 24th

  • June 2023

    Unleash Your Money Magnetism

    June 14th & 28th

Your Guide

Joanna Choncer

Visibility Coach

Joanna Choncer is a Visibility Coach, Silent Counselling® Trainer and an Advanced Theta Healer. She helps soul-led entrepreneurs get audaciously visible and known as the expert in their field. ‘What I really want people to know is that we all have unlimited potential, but so many of us are not fulfilling it because we continuously suppress who we are, our potential, our confidence & true purpose, which eventually inhibits what we are truly capable of and the person we are here to become. The key to success is giving yourself the gift of freedom to be yourself & express yourself in every way, instead of suppressing all that you are.

Here are just some of the wins the members are sharing...

Frequently Asked Questions


    You can join The Visibility Vortex Membership in two ways - either pay a monthly fee of £111 on the same day of each month. Or opt-in for an annual subscription of £1110, and receive two months (£222) for free, plus an extra £50 gift voucher to spend in my online shop. This is a month-to-month membership group - you can cancel at any time with 7 days notice prior to your next charge date!


    The Visibility Vortex Membership is for you if: ● You desire more visibility, impact and wealth, ● You are ready to free yourself from the physical limitations and the same old 'sick' story, connect with your purpose fully and embrace your full potential, ● You are ready to give 110% (from a place of ease and flow) ● Your first financial goal is minimum consistent 5K months, ● You want to deepen your spiritual connection, ● You’re a high-achiever but need accountability and support to step into what you know you’re capable of.


    Once you have paid you have access to everything available within the membership site for as long as you subscription is valid. This is a month-to-month membership group - you can cancel at any time with 7 days notice prior to your next charge, for us to cancel your direct debit.


    This is a month-to-month membership - you can cancel at any time as long as it is with a minimum of 7 days notice prior to your next charge, for us to cancel your direct debit or send an email to info@joannachoncer.com.


    Because most of the content is downloadable upon enrolling, once the course is purchased, it is yours and refunds are not available.


    No problem, if you have any questions or need any help, simply email me on info@joannachoncer.com.

This Is What's Available For You

Together we will shift how you think, feel and show up on a conscious, subconscious, physical and energetic level.

Investment options

This membership is month to month, meaning you can cancel anytime. No obligation.

£222+ Bonus For Annual Subscription

Take advantage of the perks of the annual subscription.

  • Two Free Months of Membership

    Save £222

    You get two extra months of membership for FREE.

  • Gift Voucher

    £50 Value

    £50 gift voucher to spend in my online shop* Voucher excludes The Body Beautiful and Nourish To Flourish Programmes.